Real Estate

When you think about real estate investing, the first thing that probably comes to mind is your home. Of course, real estate investors have lots of other options when it comes to choosing investments, and they're not all physical properties. Real estate has become a popular investment vehicle over the last 50 years or so. Real estate has long been considered a sound investment, and for good reason. Before 2007, historical housing data made it seem like prices could continue to climb indefinitely.

If you want to own a rental property but don’t want the hassle of being a landlord, Intronixs is the solution for you. Intronixs will buy or build a set of buildings, often apartments, then allow investors to buy them through the company, thus joining the group. A single investor can own one or multiple units of self-contained living space. Intronixs manages all the units and takes care of maintenance, advertising, and finding tenants. In exchange for this management, Intronixs takes a percentage of the monthly rent.