Company Shares

Benefits for the shares

We’ve designed a new way for investors to invest in Our company Stock. We call it, Company Shares. Intronixs offers a unique multi-level stock investment program that allows you Put simply, they’re a portfolio of company stocks that share similar characteristics, and they’re based on sectors that are trying to make a difference (think Green led or Mobile tech companies). We think ‘Company shares’ define them best, but these types of assets have many different names (look for Company index on the Dashboard). In a nutshell, these assets track and measure the performance (or price movement) of a specific market sector. This means they behave exactly like an index. They allow you to trade a portfolio of company shares with one click, instead of opening multiple positions per company share each time. The ethical brands helping to reduce our carbon footprint; Beyond Meat, Tesla, Enphase Energy Inc., Weyerhaeuser, Clean Harbors and Bloom Energy. The Mobile Index Technology that connects you to the world; Apple, T-M

(Our company) has a net income of $115,000,000-—$122,005,000 in every fiscal month.The company announces preferred dividends of $43,250,000—58,000,000. Total shares outstanding for the period is 25–35% of your deposit

EPS in a month = 25—35%

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